Apps for School work

  • Google Classroom

    google classroom

    google apple chrome

    Username: will be your child’s desktop username login followed by “@MarionStudents.Net” 

    Example for John Smith would be


    Password: will be the same password your child uses to logon to the desktop.


  • iReady



    Students MUST login on their desktop (in safari) and click the iReady icon to launch the app.

  • Seesaw


    Google Apple Kindle Chrome

    If you’re using Seesaw for the first time:

    1. Go to
    2. Choose "I’m a Student"
    3. Type in the login information from your child's binder.



  • RAZ Kids

    (Reading A to Z)

    reading a to z

    apple google  kindle

    Teacher name: asawyer29

    Username: same as their desktop username

    Password: same as their desktop password


  • Reading Eggs

    reading eggs

    google apple

    Username and passwords are listed in the students’ binders.

Other Apps that are Available

  • myON learning app


    google apple kindle chrome


    Username: student ID number (listed at the top of their login sheet)

    Password: same as their desktop password