Bronco Night for first grade 2021

  • Hello!

    Welcome to the 2021 Version of Bronco Night... Virtual Style, at Belleview Elementary School!

    Tonight's activities include math (which required previously signing up for) and science.

    The math materials have the directions included in the bag that was sent home.

    I have sent home the supplies for the "Sprouting Beans in a Bag" science activity. The children in Mrs. Weeman's class have been told how to do the project, but you may still want to view the attached power point link for a recap of the directions.



    Here is the link to the power point presentation that will explain how to set up the "Sprouting Beans in a Bag" science activity. 


     Beans in Bag Science


    I hope you have fun!!! 

    Remember you can contact me through class Dojo if you have questions for tonight, or you can send me (Mrs. Weeman) an email at and I will get back to you soon.