• MCPS Middle School Sports
    Basketball stat sheet 
    (Roster with numbers)

    Jan. 28 - HAMO vs Dunnellon Middle (23-8)
    Feb. 4 - HAMO at Liberty (32-6)
    Feb. 11 - HAMO vs Belleview (14-8)
    Feb. 16 - HAMO vs Fort King (canceled)
    Feb. 18 - HAMO at Lake Weir Middle (32-23)
    Championship Week:
    March 2 - HAMO vs *Belleview (19-38)
    (*The eventual winner of the Championship
    - we played them better than anyone else,
    and we were the only ones to defeat them
    in the season...#23 is a monster!)

    Final Record: 4-1
    Points: PF-120   PA-83 (Point differential +37)
    Dedicated to an amazing group of girls!

    (Awesome girls basketball movie...beginning is a little slow)