Degrees and Certifications:

Course Description

This is the second year of the HL IB Psychology course.  It is designed to provide a more in depth and comprehensive study of psychology.  Students will build upon the approaches to understanding behavior and pertinent research.  The students will explore the biological, cognitive, sociocultural, abnormal, and human relationship areas of psychology.  Research methods and studies will be analyzed and duplicated.  The concepts are advanced, and students are expected to synthesize the learning outcomes from IB HL Psychology 1 with the areas of study in IB HL Psychology 3. 

ALL students will be required to duplicate an experiment as their Internal Assessment.  The IA will take a significant portion of class time and homework time.  Students are encouraged to begin work on their IA as soon as it is assigned.  Experiments will be chosen from supplied list.  These are the only experiments that can be used for the IA.  IA guidelines are stringent and must be followed completely in order to achieve the highest possible marks.  IA’s will be completed around the time of semester change.

IB students are expected to incorporate psychology principles with Theory of Knowledge concepts.  The effort students bring to this level of study, synthesis and application, will determine their performance on the External Assessment at the end of the HL course and by extension, their acquisition of the IB Diploma. 

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