• (I recommend students print this page)

    1. Where do you find your work?

        Step 1: Go to the microsoft team for your period.

         Step 2: Go to the general channel; class materials; then files

         Step 3: Look for 3rd Quarter Bell Work, 3rd Quarter Classwork,

                     3rd Quarter Notes, and 3rd Quarter Homework

         Step 4: Check my posted messages too.

         Step 5: Check the new channel (left list in teams): Space

                     You will see videos in the posts section that you should watch.

                     Also--Go to the files of this channel to see if there are

                     powerpoint presentations.


    2. How do you turn in work to me?

         a. Bell work

             Step 1: On teams-Go to your classroom notebook  (-top tool bar)

                 Step 2: Click on the book icon when it comes up.

                 Step 3: Find and Click on your notebook.

                             Click on the Bell Work Tab

                 Step 4:  ***Go to the bottom of the page and

                             click +page to add a page

                             (If you do not do this, your work will not be


                Step 5:  When the new page comes up,

                             type the last question from the bell work and

                             your answer. (DO NOT JUST PUT A LETTER)

                             See examples below:

                              Question: Which type of rocks form from extreme pressure and heat?

                              Incorrectly Done: Answer: C    

                             Correctly Done: Answer: C metamorphic

      b. Classwork and Homework

           Step 1: Take a picture of your work with a cell phone and

                         email it to me as an attachment to the email.

                         Make sure your name is on the paper. 

                         My email address: angela.pecor@marion.k12.fl.us