• Independent reading is an important part of our English Language Arts class this year. Throughout the school day students will have various opportunities to read independently. Independent reading will require that students use their time wisely in class or at home to ensure they finish the novel of their choice by the due date. Please read the notes that follow about our independent reading assignment.


    As we get ready to begin the third quarter we will begin another round of independent reading projects. This quarter students will again self-select a novel, however instead of the 100 points project options students will select 1 of 4 project choices. Each project also has a written reflection that must be completed to earn full points. Students will recieve a hard copy of all instructions and rubric, however a digital copy has been made available on this page as well. 


    Book & Project Selection Form DUE Tuesday January 19, 2021


    Project DUE: Monday, March 1, 2021


    Book Selection Form


    Project Choices