Panther Pride Trait of the Month for January: Positive Attitude 

    -Not about controlling life events, but being able to control your reaction to what happens


    Positive Attitude Attributes:  Forgiving, Trusting, Honest, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Positive, Determined, Selfless, Open-Minded, Sincere, Flexible, Responsible, Caring, Self-Confident, Self-Reliant, Aspiring, Ambitious, Cheerful, Problem Solver, Faithful, Friendly, Accepting, Reliable, Hard-Working, Motivated, Humble, Generous, Realistic


    A person with a positive attitude:

    Always tries to see the good in a situation.

    Tries to find solutions to problems.

    Takes time to appreciate the little things.

    Is happy with what s/he has.

    Takes responsibility for his/her actions.

    Understands the need to listen to other people.

    Does not complain often.

    Enjoys life.


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    ixl: I carefully select these skills based on what we are studying in class.  Students are to work on these skills as they are assigned each week. They are meant as extra practice to help achieve mastery BEFORE taking math chapter tests and Quarterly Standards Mastery Assessments (QSMA).  Students need to achieve 80% or higher on each assigned skill to receive full credit (100%) each week. Students achieving 100% on every skill will earn extra credit (105%). An ixl participation grade will be taken at the end of each week for that week's assigned skills. All assigned ixl skills must be completed to 80% or higher to attend the Miller Money Auction in January and May; F2F class only, as the auction is conducted in class.


    I post the upcoming skills each Friday which means we have not yet covered those skills in class.  Those interested can get an idea of what will be covered in class the next week.  The students will be given time in class to complete them, but I understand that students work at different speeds and may want to work on them at home as well.  Many skills are quickly learned with the ixl tutorial, but if your child is frustrated, please hold off on that skill until we have covered it in class. I do not want the students practicing skills incorrectly, and I need to assist the students as needed.  Thank you for your help.  :)


    **This Week's Math Skills due Friday for grading 1/15:  P.13, P.16, P.19, P.20, 6th Grade J.6

    Last Week's Math Skills due 1/8:  O.20, O.26, P.2, P.14, P.17


    Quarter 2 Math Skills Due: D.29, D.30, D.31, D.32, D.33, D.35, D.39, D.44, E.3, E.4, E.7, E.8, E.9, E.12, E.14, E.15, E.16, E.17, E.18, E.20, E.23, E.24, E.25, E.27, E.29, O.5, O.7, O.8, O.16, O.17, O.19, O.20, O.21, O.22, O.23, O.24, O.26, P.2, P.4, P.5, P.10, P.14, P.17, 5th K.7, 6th I.5 




    Monday, 1/11: F2F Science QSMA Session 1; Online students ELA QSMA on campus from 8:00-10:30; study Earth and Moon Unit Study Guide--test on Thursday, 1/14; complete at least one math ixl skill up to 80%


    Tuesday, 1/12: F2F Science QSMA Session 2;  Online students Math QSMA on campus from 8:00-10:30; F2F ELA QSMA Session 1; study Earth and Moon Unit S.G.; complete at least two math ixl skills up to 80%   


    Wednesday, 1/13: Online students Science QSMA on campus from 8:00-10:30; study Earth and Moon Unit S.G. and have signed; complete at least three math ixl skills up to 80%   


    Thursday, 1/14: Science Earth and Moon Unit Test; study GO Math! Chapter 7 Extra Practice for test on Tuesday; End of Quarter; complete at least four math ixl skills up to 80%   


    Friday, 1/15: No School: Teacher Workday; all of this week's assigned math ixl skills due with SmartScores 80% or higher--mark as done in Google Classroom; 45 minutes of iReady Math with a 75% or higher average due--mark as done in Google Classroom




    Monday, 1/18:  No School: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Observed

    Tuesday, 1/19:  GO Math! Chapter 7 Test; Students that are returning to face to face instruction will begin on Tuesday, January 19th. This will be the start of Quarter 3 since Monday is a holiday. 

    The following is the supply list for our students returning to F2F on Tuesday, 1/19:

    2 pkg #2 pencils (pre-sharpened)
    1 pink block eraser or pkg of cap erasers
    1 pkg colored pencils (12-24)
    1 pkg washable markers (thick or thin)
    1 sturdy 3-holed zippered pencil pouch
    1 composition notebook (not spiral-bound)
    2 plastic folders (must have prongs and pockets & will need red & yellow)
    1 sturdy 1½ inch. 3-ring binder with pockets
    1 zippered or tabbed closer 3-ring binder 1-2 inches preferred
    1 set of headphones for personal use
    1 tote bag or backpack (no rolling backpacks, please)
    1 school planner (purchase at school ~ $5)

    All of these items will be used by your child only.

    Friday, 1/22:  Report Cards go home



    Specials Schedule 














    Miller HR





    Science Lab




    Computer Lab


    Makerspace Lab

    Dickey HR



    Makerspace Lab




    Science Lab




    Computer Lab






    (1)  Zoom/Google Classroom

    Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms.  If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.


    (2) Technical Issues Help

    To help resolve technical issues with MCPS-distributed Chromebooks, users can call the Parent Service Desk Helpline.

    • Helpline Phone: 352.867.2100
    • Helpline Hours: Monday – Friday, 7:30AM - 4:30PM
      (Wait times can vary).  

    Please note: Helpline technicians cannot resolve issues with Internet connections or student passwords.



    Wish List Items:

    For those of you who just HAVE to go that extra mile...  :)

    - individually wrapped hard candy for class incentives

    - small trinkets (non-food items) to be used for class incentives (ex.: shells, crafty things, bookmarks, etc.)




    • Monday-Thursday 45 minutes
    • If they need to stay inside to continue working/studying, they may
    • They may go to the Media Center Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2:00-3:00
    • They may go to the Computer Lab Monday-Thursday from 2:00-4:30












    Quarter 1 Math Skills: A.2, A.3, A.4, A.6, A.7, A.16, A.19, A.20, B.3, C.3, D.3, D.4, D.5, D.6, D.7, D.8, D.9, D.10, D.11, D.12, D.14, D.16, D.17, D.18, D.19, D.22, D.23, D.24, D.26, D.28, D.29, D.30, D.31, D.32, D.35, E.26--divisibility tricks in "Resources" on Google Classroom, K.6, K.9

    Quarter 2 Math Skills:  

    Quarter 3 Math Skills:  

    Quarter 4 Math Skills: