• 7th Grade


    Quarter 4 Novel study: 

    We are reading the novel, The Outsiders, and completing chapter activities

    Access the text here: https://www.depaulcatholic.org/pdfs/outsiders.pdf 

    **Please check Google Classroom for chapter activities





  • 8th Grade


    Quarter 4 Novel study:

    We are reading the novel, Sees Behind Trees, and completing chapter activities

    **Please get work when you return, I cannot post the chapter activities because the PDF has answer keys 


    We are doing a one pager on Sees Behind Trees. All components described in this instruction page must be fullfilled in the one pager. You must do this by hand, on regular printer paper. If you have colored pencils or anything at home, please use them. If you need to, Google some examples of one pagers to give you an idea of what it should look like. Please feel free to email with any questions. This is due by the last day of school. If you are quarantined, please email me and we can discuss turning it in.