• Please try the following zoom link:

    ID 763 070 6572

    password 403444

    We will begin logging in at 7:30 and class will begin at 7:55.  We will begin wih ELA and follow our regular class schedule.  Please be patient.  I do not get the best service out where I live.  My google voice phone number is (352)462-2875.  That and email will be the best ways to reach me.  Thank you for working with me during this time.


    Please log into Social Studies weekly week 23 and week 7.  Read them twice before you take the test.  You have all week to complete this.  Through Social Studies weekly,  you will find science Weekly week 1 life science living things.  Please read it twice before you take the test.  Don't forget to log into IReady and complete 46 mins in both reding and math.  You need atleast 15 mins a day on Smarty ants but feel free to do more.  You may also log onto Lalilo and work.  Complete xtramath.org everyday.  That will only take a couple of minutes. Remember you are racing the clock so concentrate and work quickly. Log into Myon and choose a book about either a plant or animal habitat.  Read it and take the test.  Then write atleast 5 sentances telling me what you learned.  Thank you for doing this.  I hope you all stay ell