• In our classroom as part of our classroom management system students are participating in a Classroom Economy. At the end of the first quarter students applied for classroom jobs that pays them weekly for their assigned responsibilities in the classroom. Students are able to earn money through their job and various other bonuses. Now, like in the real-world students are also fined for behaviors that are not aligned with our classroom and school rules. Students are also responsible for keeping track of their classroom money as they have rent to pay and will want to have some money available to shop at our class store. Please find attached a copy of our classroom economy packet that was given out at the start of the year that includes instructions on how to log into their bank accounts. 


    Student Bank Account Website

    Student Bank Login Page

    Username: Student Lunch Number/ Student ID Number (students should not be sharing this information with any other students)

    Password: mwe2020 (same for all students)

    Classroom Economy Informational Packet