• Eligible 7th and 8th graders received their invitations to start the process to become a National Junior Honor Society member on Monday, 10/12.     Online students received an email to their student account, and in-person students received a letter during 6th period.      Online students should email the interest form to Ms. Rosky at nancy.rosky@marion.k12.fl.us.   Electronic signature is acceptable - just type your names on the appropriate line.    In-person students may go to Ms. Rosky during 6th period or after school to turn in their form.    Once Ms. Rosky has received the form, she will either email the application packet (online students) or had the application packet (in-person students) to the students.    Applications and recommendation forms need to be turned in by November 18, 2020.   Forms will not be accepted after this date.


    Current 8th graders that are NJHS members - there is a meeting on 10/15/2020 at 5pm, via Zoom.  Students received the meeting invitation either via letter during their 6th period class or via email to their student email account.   Dues must be paid by Octoer 21st, and the member information form turned in at the same time as the dues.   Checks may be made payable to Howard Middle School in the amount of $10, or students may bring exact cash.   Online students may drop off the sealed envelope to the front desk, and it will be placed in my mailbox.     In-person students may pay during 6th period or after school.   Should they have Ms. Rosky, they may pay during the class period in which they have her.