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    Welcome to MCPS Online. Prior to the first day of school, August 24, please follow these steps to acquaint yourself with the HMS online experience.

    1. Watch the online orientation videos to familiarize yourself with the school and campus. The videos will be in the Quick Links of the Howard Middle website:
    2. Pick up your textbooks and check out a Chromebook if needed in the carline at HMS on Thursday, August 20, from 8:00- 10:00 AM or 4:00-6:00 PM.
    3. Review (you may want to print) the directions for students for using Microsoft Teams located in the Quick Links section of the HMS website: Microsoft Teams for Students.
    4. Locate your class schedule in Skyward. To access your schedule, you can go to the Family Access tab on the HMS website and log into Skyward. On the left-hand side you will see the Schedule tab, and your schedule will be posted by Friday, August 21. The schedule will include your core classes as well as your electives.  Core classes will be daily, and electives will be on an A/B schedule.  Be sure you note which is an A and a B day elective according to your schedule.
    5. Print or record the daily bell schedule as well as the A/B schedule both of which are available in the Important Information tab on the HMS website. The daily bell schedule for MCPS online is below as well.
    6. Review the Guidelines for online instruction(below).
    7. After reviewing your schedule, visit your teachers’ websites for directions to access their online platform. Use the teacher website for your source of information for the class.  Be prepared for your online class by reviewing the Microsoft Teams information prior to the first day.  Have the directions handy to help you on your first day.  If you have trouble with access to a specific class after the first day of school email your teacher. 
    8. Attend the virtual parent meeting on Thursday, August 27, at 5:30 PM. The meeting log-in information will be available on the HMS website the day of the meeting.
    9. Remember that we are looking forward to having you back on campus soon!

    Daily Schedule

    • Students will follow the same schedule that they would normally follow if they had attended HMS face to face.
    • Students are required to attend class and complete work during the hours of 9:25am until 3:35pm.  (They will be online with their HMS assigned teacher each period throughout the day for direct, small group or whole group instruction per the teacher's directives)
    • Students are required to log into every class, at the beginning of each period, starting at 9:25am so that the teacher can take attendance.  If a student is not there, they will be marked absent.
    • Work must be submitted at the discretion and direction of the teacher/s.
    • Work will be graded, and grades will be entered in the gradebook.
    • Students will have assignments and/or projects in all electives, including PE to complete on the days in which they attend those subjects if the course is an “A” or “B” day course.   Please be sure to keep track if it is an “A” or “B” day so that you are logging into the correct course during 5th and/or 6th
    • Students will have a break after period 3 for lunch, as will our teachers! 

    AB Schedule 20-21

    HMS Sample Online Schedule (printable)

    HMS MCPS Online Instructions (printable)


    MCPS Online