• Reading books

    QSMA #2- Study Guide- although this guide is a good representation of what your student will see on QSMA and FSA- it does not include all of the types of questions they could encounter. Please make sure that they are also studying from the graded standard checks that have been and will continue to come home. 

    Here is a list and description of the reading ELA standards for QUARTER 2!  We will work hard on learning and practicing these skills in class. They will be tested on our QSMA 2 during the first two weeks of January! 

    Here is a list and description of the reading ELA standards that we worked on during Quarter 1. These are the standards that your student was tested on on the Quarter 1 QSMA. We took our Quarter 1 QSMA on Oct. 12 and 13. These standards will appear again on our FSA in May! Keep studying and keep reading!! 

    Please make sure your student is reading for at least 20 minutes each day. Research shows that 20 minutes of reading can greatly improve a student's performance in reading!! 

    Here are some question stem cards that can be used with the books/texts that your student is reading. They are a GREAT way to help your child prepare for 4th grade reading comprehension skills that we will encounter all year!