• Math

    Quarter 3 Math Review/Study Guide- Here are the standards that we will be working on over quarter 3. Please make sure that you are checking your child's binder daily for math practices and reviews that we will cover in class, as well as for the Standard checks (math tests) we will take this quarter. Also, rememebr that the Kick Start math homework provides an excellent source for review of all of the math standards for our 4th grade year. QSMA test dates- March 10 and 11. 

    Here is another QSMA3 review. 

    QSMA #2 Math Review/Study Guide- Here is an example of what we have been working on during Quarter 2 of math. Please look over these questions with your student as a review for the QSMA #2 that they will take during the first 2 weeks of January. 

    In 4th grade math we will be using A LOT of multiplication! It is very important that you know your facts to 12! Please make sure your child is on Reflex at least three times a week earning a greenlight! Reflexmath.com

    Here is a study guide to what we have been working on in Quarter 1 math! Our Math QSMA will be October 15-16.