• Our next Spelling test will be Friday, October 30.    

    The Spelling words are:

    sister, letter, expert, born, sports, short, mark, started, backyard, some


     Spelling test words for Friday, November 6:    

    page, germ, digit, gray, space, face, cell, center, carpet, are


    Words for Spelling test on Friday, November 13:   

    knotted, knitting, knocked, wringing, wronged, whipped, whined, quitting, quacked


    Words for Spelling test on Friday, November 20:

    Write the antonym for over:   under

    Write the antonym for silence:  noise

    Write the antonym for close:  open

    Write the antonym for scared:  brave

    Write the antonym for ugly:  cute


    Write the synonym for subtract:  minus 

    Write the synonym for final:  last

    Write the synonym for rival:  foe

    Write the synonym for bandit: robber

    Write the synonym for street:  road