Title IX: Sexual Harassment

  • Marion County School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex (including sexual orientation or gender identify), in its education programs or activities, and is required by Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, and its implementing regulations, not to discriminate in such a manner. The District is committed to maintaining an education and work environment that is free from discrimination based on sex, including sexual harassment.


    Marion County School District prohibits Sexual Harassment that occurs within its education programs and activities. When the District has actual knowledge of Sexual Harassment in its education program or activity against a person in the United States, it shall promptly respond in a manner that is not deliberately indifferent.


    Pursuant to Title IX obligations, the District is committed to eliminating Sexual Harassment and will take appropriate action when an individual is determined to be responsible. Board employees, students, third-party vendors and contractors, guests, and other members of the School District community who commit Sexual Harassment are subject to the full range of disciplinary consequences. Marion County School District will provide persons who have experienced Sexual Harassment ongoing remedies as reasonably necessary to restore or preserve access to the District’s education programs and activities.


    Questions and Answers on the Title IX Regulations on Sexual Harassment


    Definition of Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment for purposes of Title IX is defined as any instance of quid pro quo harassment by a school's employee, unwelcome sexual advances that a reasonable person would find so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it denies a person equal educational access. Any requests for sexual favors, other verbal, nonverbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature by an employee, by another student, or by a third party. Sexual violence is a type of sexual harassment; any instance of sexual assault (as defined in the Cle1y Act), dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking as defined in the Violence Against Women Act (VA WA).


    Title IX Training Information



    Contact Information

    Title IX, Sexual Harassment complaints may be submitted to the designated personnel at 1614 E. Fort King Street Ocala, FL 34471:


    Title IX Coordinator for Employee Matters: Dawana Gary, Director of Equity and Ethics, phone: (352) 671-7711, email address: dawana.gary@marion.k12.fl.us


    Title IX Coordinator for Student Matters: Danielle Livengood, Director of Secondary Curriculum, Instruction & Digital Learning, phone: (352) 236-0505, email address: danielle.livengood@marion.k12.fl.us