• Open House 

    September 24, 2020

    Mrs. Mobley's Open House will be scheduled in 3 sessions. 

    My classroom will be open for Session 1:  2:30 - 3:00, Session 2: 3:00 - 3:30, Session 3: 3:30 - 4:00.

    You can also access my online Open House to view classroom pictures and basic information.


    I am delighted to be your child’s teacher this year.  By working together, we can help your child have a successful and wonderful year.  Here is some helpful information:


    Attendance:  Attendance is taken in the morning.  School attendance is essential and can have an effect on student’s success in the future.  *Our lessons are built upon the previous lesson.  So it is important that they are here to learn each day.


    Binders:  Binders will be given to each child with their calendar inside.  These binders are for transporting papers, notes to/from school and the teacher.  They also have skills in them that need to be reviewed and helpful home learning information.  Please help your child take care of their binder.  Binders are to be brought to school every day.


    School Supplies:  Please make sure that your child has all school supplies by the end of the first weekIf there is a problem getting the supplies, please let me know.  Do not put your child’s name on the supplies, just the bag you send them in.  Please make sure you buy good quality pencils, not colored ones, because some of the cheaper ones are not very good and break easily.  Colored or fancy pencils cannot be sharpened in class because they clog the sharpener; avoid buying/sending them in.  This includes any pencils with designs on them!


    Conferences:  Please schedule conferences in advance.  Upon arrival, you will need to check in at the office.  I’m available from 2:10 – 3:00 on most days. 


    Birthday Celebrations:  I will celebrate each child with a certificate and special goodie bag.  We will sing the birthday song.  Birthday party invitations can only be given out in class if the entire class is invited.  Due to COVID-19, no treats or food can be sent in.


    Perfumes/Cologne/Body Spray:  Please do not allow your child to use these on school days.  I’m extremely sensitive to many of them and it triggers migraines / other allergic responses and makes it difficult to work closely with your child when needed. 


    Student Work:  Papers will be sent home daily.  It will help to keep you informed about the skills that we are working on in class.  It will also show your child’s progress as well as make your child feel special about his/her work.  Please review the work in your child’s binder.


    Grading System:  A check mark, smiley face or other general mark indicates a paper graded in class or visually spot-checked by the teacher (which means it may contain mistakes and was used for skill practice.) On tests there will be a percentage and a letter grade.  This will help you know how your child did on a set of skills or skill.  The Parent Access website is also available to all parents.  Please sign up for Parent Access with guidance.


    Home Learning:  Your child will have a newsletter each week.  There will be practice work listed on it.  They will also have spelling words, vocabulary words, sight words and math skills that need to be practiced.  It is very important that you go over the newsletter with your child to know which skills need to be worked on.  This skills will be directly tested each week.  Approximately once a month your child will have project work that may need to be completed at home.  Remember to READ with your child every night.


    Daily Calendar and Behavior Chart:  Each day your child will have a card that will start on green.  They will record their color on their behavior chart in their binder.   When cards are changed, discuss with your child how to improve his/her behavior and how to make good choices. 


    Our behavior system is as follows:

    Purple Card –         Your child had a FANTASTIC day!  They made great choices.

    Green Card –          Your child was ready to learn and had a good day!

    Yellow Card –         Your child was given one or more warnings about a poor behavior choice and had to use a time out to think about their actions.

    Blue Card –           Your child made numerous poor choices and had time out to think and had a larger loss of privileges.

    Red Card –             Your child moved to the last color for continued/extremely bad behavior choices in class and a teacher note will be sent home with a think-about-it activity to be turned in the next day. 


    *** Behavior that is severe or disruptive to others learning or teaching will result in an immediate office referral to the dean of students with parent contact made. ***


    General Class Rules: 

    1. Listen and follow directions the first time given.
    2. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
    3. Use inside voices at your seat and while working in centers.
    4. Raise your hand if you need to speak or ask a question.
    5. Respect others rights, feelings, and property.
    6. Walk quietly and orderly in line.


    Flexible Seating Rules: 

    1. Choose a working spot that allows you to do your second grade best.
    2. Use seats appropriately.
    3. Take care of community supplies and books/materials.
    4. If a spot isn’t working for you, MOVE so you can be SUCCESSFUL.
    5. Mobley can move ANYONE at ANYTIME if they don’t follow the rules.


    BLOOMZ Parent App: 

    I will use BLOOMZ to go communicate regularly with parents.  I list conferences, party/volunteer requests, and other important information on BLOOMZ.  Please sign up and use the class code that has been sent home.  It’s also a great tool for instant communication!