• Virtual “E” Fair (College and Career Expo)


    Due to Covid, Marion County’s  annual College and Career Expo that was held at CF is now being held virtually.   You can access the information typically received on that night in a virtual format.


    This information will help you on your journey as you decide your “E”.  What path will you take after you  graduate high school?

    Employed:  meaning work full time without the intention of continuing your education immediately upon graduatingEmploy

    Enlisted: meaning enlisting in a branch of the Armed ForcesEnlist

    Enrolled: meaning continuing your education at any college or technical schoolEnrollment


    To open the links you can click directly on the image, some computers may require you to hold the Ctrl button while clicking on the image before it will redirect you to the attached power point.


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.