• Hello Students and Families!

    Whether students are attending Belleview Middle in person, or they are attending as online learners,  I have created a Microsoft TEAM for each period class, for every student.

    If an in-person (brick and mortar) student has to be absent for any reason (for any length of time), they can sign in to the "MCPS portal", click on the "Microsoft 365" app, and "TEAMS" app.  From there, a student can click on his or her period class to access assignments and files.  Online assignments will look a little different from the in-class assignment, as I try to recreate what we are doing in class.  The student can then complete the assignment within TEAMS and "return" there.  This will keep students from falling behind or waiting until they come back to school to try to catch up on assignments and learning. 

    For online learners, we have a "LIVE session" meeting  every time they are scheduled to be in my class.  I start a TEAM meeting within the App at the beginning of each class. Your student will get a notification it is happening and they can also join the meeting within our TEAM when they see the meeting pop up. It is important that students are on time, as attendance is taken at the beginning of class. Parents, please also check the portal for missing assignments as these F's can rapidly create failing grades.

    Please reach out through e-mail at any time.  I will be able to respond outside of teaching hours as soon as possible. 


     English Language Arts