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Welcome To Our Kindergarten Classroom

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    Our class

    Parents! Our classroom would like to Virtually welcome you. We would have loved for your child to physically show you their learning environment this year, but I hope this video gives you a good idea of how the classroom environment is like. When your child is not working at their own desk, he or she will usually be learning in small groups of 2 or 3 students during Math and Reading centers.

    During our Reading block, we use our writing center, computer center, listening center, independent center, teacher table, and Ms. Turner's table. During our Math block, we use our puzzle center, computer center, computer center, independent center, teacher table, and Ms. Turner's table.  We are still practicing how to work efficiently and appropriately at our centers while staying safe. Centers are disinfected several times a day as well as other common touching spots in the room. 

    Each morning, we review our calendar and talk about the weather, months, and days of the week. Can I also say my students are doing an AWESOME job at counting? I am SO impressed.  

    We have been learning so much about rules, friendship, math, science, reading, and writing! We enjoy storytime daily as well as snack time!! We enjoy going to gym class, music class, and art class each week. 

    One of my favorite things about teaching is getting to know my students and having them get to know me! They are all so different and unique in their own ways. Ms. Turner and I cannot wait to have a fabulous year of learning with them!

    I want to thank all of you for taking the time to watch the video and read this paragraph. I genuinely care so much about each and every child in my class and Ms. Turner and I cannot wait to create life-long memories with them this year. They will grow and learn so much in the following months. As always, I am always a quick message away if you need anything. 



     Ms. Andrade


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