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    PLATO Procedures (for junior & senior level students who have previously failed a course) 


     Virtual School (Marion Virtual School & Florida Virtual School)

    FLVS has been serving students in the state of Florida since 1997 as the first internet-based public high school in the United States. It is recognized as it's own school and it's own school district for students wishing to take additional classes or to fully learn online. 

    In 2012, Marion Virtual School began as a franchise of FLVS. MVS uses the same FLVS curriculum with local district teachers as well as a local student management office keeping funding and support within the local community. MVS offers many of the same courses, as well as the opportunity for additional classes or for students to fully learn online.

    Both FLVS and MVS classes are completed on the student's time frame along with a pre-planned pace chart of how many assignments will be expected in a time frame. (Students should complete approximately 10% per week.) Students can work faster than the pace chart without limitation, students who fall behind will be subject to removal from the course. At regular intervals, students will need to have verbal conversations with teachers to ensure accountability and integrity.

    Students wishing to take the majority (3+) of their classes through the virtual school program should speak with their school counselor about enrollment limitations and offerings. 

    Students will need to complete an entire semester on FLVS/MVS to earn the credit. Students who transfer out of FLVS/MVS before their semester is 100% complete will not receive credit. Any adjustments should be reviewed with the MVS or physical school counselor in advance.