• “I don’t have any homework!” “My teacher said I don’t have to do it.” Are these statements you hear at home? There are always ways to grow our brains! While Home Learning is only an opportunity and cannot be graded or required, we believe it is something families and students should take advantage of. HLOs are especially beneficial as we approach testing: time to show what students know. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like additional resources! Thanks for ensuring learning takes place at home, school, and in the world around us!

Home Learning Opportunities
  • Here is a direct link to get on the MCPS Desktop & MyON


    Here is a direct link to get onto Class Dojo and have students record their reading on their Portfolio


    Here is a direct link to take students to study spelling and vocabulary on SpellingCity


    Here is a direct link to take students to Zearn


    Please let us know if you would like additional resrouces or printed materials are needed for practice. Thanks!