Open House for first grade 2020

  • Hello!

    Welcome to the first grade virtual Open House at Belleview Elementary School!

    There are two videos that we need you to view and then please fill out the survey paper (in English or Spanish).  

    To participate in our Open House, please follow the steps below.  Thank you so much!!


    1. Here is the link to the First Grade Open House video that the first grade teachers made to explain what your child is learning this year. 

       Open House Video for First Grade


    2. Here is the link to a video that will explain how our school is part of Title One. (Please notice that the Spanish and English version are provided for your convenience.):

       Title One Video (English)

       Title One Video (Spanish)


     3. Please fill out the Parent Survey, after viewing the above videos. (Open House and Title One):

    (We have also provided the survey in Spanish, if you need it.) 

       Parent Survey for Open House (English)

       Parent Survey for Open House (Spanish)


    4. After you have seen the Open House video, one of the Title One videos, and submitted the parent survey online, I ask that you send me (Mrs. Weeman) an email at or a message on class Dojo letting me know that you are finished. I will have a special treat for your child at school tomorrow, after these steps are completed tonight. Thank you for taking your time to participate in our virtual Open House!  

    I will also be providing more information about our class and school as time goes on. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions that you may think of.