MU. Identify the appropriate form of a simple piece of music e.g., AB, ABA, Call & Response

    MU. Identify, using correct musical vocabulary, the elements in a musical work.

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  • These are the lesson videos to help your child grow in critical thinking through recognizing and describing music characteristics used by various composers.

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  • Tubby the Tuba and music elements

    Ms. Allen has shared this story with her classes for many years.  Follow along and hear about how Tubby found and appreciated his timbre (sound of his voice). 

    As you listen to the music listen for:

    • music going from slow (Largo) to fast (Presto)
    • dynamics (volume) going from piano (soft) to forte (loud)
    • the timbre of the instruments
    • the feelings music adds to the story
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  • These videos BELOW THIS are OPTIONAL, you DO NOT HAVE to watch them but if you have finished all of your work and want to see them they are here for you.

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  • Review on FORM

    Review on Form in Music

    This is a review of the first lesson we uploaded and it was all about FORM in music.

    FORM is the way the music is arranged by the parts that are the same and the parts that are different.


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  • Peter and the Wolf

    Peter and the Wolf

    Sergei Prokofiev was a Russian composer who liked the folk tale of Peter and the Wolf so much that he wrote an orchestration to go with the story.

    He used that orchestration to introduce children to the instruments of the orchestra.

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