1. The Marion County gradebook is the Skyward program.
        a) In Skyward you (and parents) are able to access your grades.
        b) When you click on the current quarter grade it will open a page that shows specific grades for specific assignments. 
        c) Please keep in mind that grades are constantly changing since students (especially online) will submit assignments at different times. 
        a) NEVER, EVER...text a teacher to ask "Why do I have an F?" That's what Skyward is for.
            Look at your specific assignment/test/quiz/project grades.
            Keep in mind that grades are weighted differently:  50% Classwork, 10% Homework, 40% Tests/Projects
            Ex.You may have many 100's for homework but have a low grade because your test average is low and it has more weight.
        b) Do NOT submit an assignment and then expect the grade in Skyward to change automatically.
            The teacher needs to receive it, evaluate it and determine grades when they can. 
        c) BE RESPECTFUL when communicating with the teacher regarding a grade.
            Most of the time arrangements can be made for revising, re-submitting assignments if it is requested (not demanded) respectfully. If you notice that an assignment has been submitted but graded after an extended period of time, send a reminder to the teacher (it may be that the assignment was not properly submitted). 
        d) Do NOT expect to be able to make up work after the grading period is ended (the only exception is students who had an extended, excused absence at the end of a grading period, and were authorized by the school to have an "Incomplete" grade; this must be requested).
        e) A missing assignment is one with a "0" grade, not a * (asterisk). 

        a) In school - Paper assignments are submitted in the period class "IN" Box in the back of the room. Be sure to put it in the correct box and labeled with your name, date, and period class. Improper labeling may delay an assignment being graded.
        b) Electronic -
             1) If an assignment is posted in TEAMS with the attached file (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) it must be done and submitted there. Assignments posted in this manner should not be sent via email or other method without prior approval. 
             2) If you have technical issues regarding posting assignments, please communicate with the teacher outside of school time (from 3:15-5pm). Class time should not be taken up with personal technical problems.
             3) Follow the correct "headings" for app assignments/accounts:
                   - Quizlet: Your account should be "last name_first name"
                          (if someone esle has this name you might need to add a number after your first name)
                   - Quizizz: First name and Last name (however, if you are under 13 years old,
                                  Quizizz will not allow you to post your full last name)
        c) Audio-Visual - If an assignment is to be submitted as a audio or audio/visual recording, keep in mind:
             1) All recordings may be used in class or viewed by classmates (keep appropriate dress, decor, lighting, etc...)
                 - regardless if it was self-recorded (such as Flipgrid) or recorded in class or class meeting (virtual or physical)
             2) Marion County policies for these recordings do apply:
                 School Code of Conduct, p.8:
    "From time to time, Marion County Public Schools photographs or videos students, and occasionally posts student-produced work online for public recognition. Local media often utilize these photographs and videos, and/or work, or come on campus with school permission to photograph or video students. Additionally, students may be videoed by school personnel for diagnostic/educational purposes. Marion County Public Schools may use these photographs and videos for an indefinite period of time unless this authorization is revoked in writing. However, if revoked, Marion County Public Schools shall not be required to recall affected publications, photographs, videos, and other recorded images then in use."