• The students read this the first day of school.  Science safety is a big part of hands-on science.  We will complete a lot of science activities this year.  Please look at their science notebooks.  



    Fifth Grade Science Laboratory Contract

    I have been instructed in the necessary safety procedures required in the course. I agree to abide by the following guidelines.


    1. Safety apparel will be worn when specified by the instructor.
    2. Long or loose hair will be tied back. Excessively loose clothing or jewelry will not be worn. 
    3. Keep work area free of any books and materials not need for what you are working on.
    4. Texting devices, cell phones, and electronic music devices are not permitted in the science laboratory.
    5. There will be no drinking or eating in the laboratory.
    6. Experiments will be done in the specified order with the prescribed quantities of chemicals.
    7. Work quietly so that you can hear any announcements concerning cautions and safety.
    8. Only the chemicals specified by the teacher will be used. No unauthorized experimentation will be done.
    9. The proper use of safety equipment and correct evacuation procedures will be followed.
    10. Wash hands thoroughly before beginning and after completing an experiment.
    11. Contact lenses will not be worn during specified experiments.
    12. Horseplay or other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated during laboratory experiments.
    13. Never throw anything in the laboratory.
    14. Never taste chemicals or smell them directly.
    15. Never pick up broken glass with bare hands.
    16. Do not touch anything that might be hot.
    17. Report all accidents, no matter how minor, to the teacher.
    18. Never work without teacher supervision in the lab.
    19. Do not remove any chemicals or equipment from the lab without teacher’s permission.


    Failure to follow these guidelines may result in reduction in grade, disciplinary action, and/or exclusion form laboratory activities.


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