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    Anything is Possible!!

    Week of August 31-September 4, 2020

         We are continuing to do work centered around the story "Mammoth Shakes & Monster Waves".

    There are at least three assignments on each class's "Teams" page, accessible through the students' desktops. 

    #1 - "H.W. auto-, bio-, graph"- - Some students completed this in class with me.  Others will need to complete it from the "Teams" site if possible.  Those who cannot can do this on paper.  I am attaching the directions here:  How To Do Mrs. Weaver's H.W.


    #2 - "Vocabulary for Mammoth Shakes & Monster Waves" - There is a separate "assignment" called "Correct Page Numbers for "Mammoth Shakes & Monster Waves Vocabulary".  It is only there to give students the correct page numbers where they can find the definitions.  Please follow the directions carefully on the vocabulary assignment. 

    #3 -  "M.S. and M.W.  Main Ideas and Supporting Details" 

         All of these assignments are fillable.  Students can type on them and submit them from the "Teams" pages.    If they are unable to do so, the assignments can be typed into a "Word" document on their student desktop, then emailed to me.  Otherwise, they may write the assignment and take a picture with a phone from directly above, as large as possible, and in a good light, then e-mail it to me.  

         Periods 1-5 will be completing the I-Ready Diagnostic Assessment this week.  This assessment gauges the students' current knowledge, then determines where to start lessons in the I-Ready program accordingly. 

         Period 6 (Virtual) will be completing this assessment next week.  I spoke to students and parent on Wednesday, 09/02/20 about specifics regarding this assessment.  I will also be sending out Mass E-Mail #2 to all parents and students in the virtual class on Friday.