• For the 2020-2021 school year, we will be using Microsoft Teams as our online learning platform. This is also be the platform used in the event of an emergency shutdown due to COVID and can be helpful if any student must be quarantined for an extended amount of time.

    Microsoft Teams is a self-contained, all in one platform to facilitate online education. A Team is generally a class (like 3rd grade math). Within each Team there are multiple channels which teachers determine that will divide important instruction, information, resources, and assignments. If a teacher utilizes the feature, then there is also a virtual binder called a Class Notebook within each team. This is a place that the teacher can distribute notes, handouts, and assignments in one succinct place.

    All of my classes will have a dedicated Team. Students who are attending school in person, however, are not required to access Teams from home unless we enter into another period of distance learning. We will explore the Teams platform in class but the best way to learn it, is to practice with it on your own.

    Students who are enrolled via the virtual option are REQUIRED to access instruction and content via Microsoft Teams. Students can access their Teams through their student portal.

    1. Go to the Student Desktop and log in.

    Student Portal

    2. Click on Office 365

    Office 365 icon

    3. Select the Teams app

    Microsoft Team