• A note from Mrs. Santiago:


    Spelling UNIT 1:  Students will receive spelling word lists to take home and practice at the beginning of the week. The words include the sound/spelling correspondences students have learned and reviewed, as well as Tricky Words. They will be assessed on these same words at the end of each week. Unit 1 spelling words should be very easy as only words spelled with the basic code will be given as spelling words. Starting in Unit 2, the spelling words will become more challenging as they begin to include various spelling alternatives.


    Unit 1 will be a review of:

    1. consonant sounds
    2. one- and two-syllable words
    3. Tricky Words. The term Tricky Words used to refer to a word not pronounced quite the way you would expect based on the letters in its printed form.

    Example: a theheshewebemewasoffromtododownhowwhatwherewhyonceonetwocouldwouldshouldtheresaidsays, and word. These words were taught in Kindergarten and Grade 1.

    They will also read new decodable stories from the Unit 1 Reader, The Cat Bandit.

    Grammar: Unit 1 will review the basics of sentence building, punctuation, and capitalization.