• I will post these weekly because as a community we need to know the threat is real. I noticed, near Thursday and Friday students being a lot more cavalier about having their masks off, forgetting to put it back on, or whatever, and that CANNOT happen. Week 1 is a trial. Wearing the mask effieciently is part of the dress code now. We know what we're up against. I you don't know me, you will soon. I have health problems, as do many of our other teachers. I will not stand teaching while your child fails to uphold his/her mask by choice by "playing" with it or delibertaely doing something silly their "face shield" becomes null and void. I witnessed MANY cases of that today, that I didn't see Mon-Thurs. 


    I understand they're tired of the context, but this is the boundary that is the life that we live. If they are coming to school, they must understand what is expected of them as DECENT citizens. If they want to have no masks, they should enroll in online courses, but I will tell you right now, online is difficult. It's no surprise to anyone. They all think it's easy because it's a "come and go," but it's not. You play the same game your school cohorts do, but you have to jump through hoops to make us happy. 


    There is safety and there is professionalism. Entertwining them both is a very hard ordeal but Marion County Public Schools (MCPS) has been doing a very good job, and I'm proud to serve with them. Remind your kids how important it is, because come Week 2, everything escalates from here.