• I will not accpet any work submitted thorugh email after 9/4/2020


    To enter the online learning classroom for Mrs. Hoffman your child will need to first log into their desktop, using their district provided username and password. 

    Then they will need to click into office 365 its an orange icon.

    Once in office 365 they need to click on TEMAS its purple. 

    Once in TEMAs click on Mrs. Hoffman 5th Grade Emoji Icon

    From there the students need to look for the ASSIGNMENT tab at the top of the page, after they have completed an assignment, this is also where they will turn it in. 


    The schedule and other imorptant info. is located at the top of the page. 

    Students may not post comments or quesitons on the general thread, all comments and questions that are not live need to be directed through chat only. 


    Students should always mute their live thread. 

    Students shouild complete tehir assignments and turn them in by 2pm everyday.

    Students should complete 45 minutes of iReady each week. 

    Students should ask quesitons if they do not understand. 

    Student shsould follow teacher led instruction as it is being given. 


    After the live instruction, where the students have had the opportunity to complete most of their classwork with me, they will also have access to a digital version to complete online. The students can either upload a photo using their technology and TEAMS of the paper based work they completed with the live class or they can submit the digital version, whichever is easier for them. If they are not able to follow along or if the teacher moves too quickly then I would strongly reccomend the digital version, where they can work at their own pace. If they are able to complete the directions with the teaher during the live session then I would reccomend they take a photo and share their paper work through the TEMAs assignmets. 



    Please feel free to email me any concerns or questions at Julie.Hoffman@marion.k12.fl.us


    You may visit my other classroom website for tons of RESOURCES these are OPTIONAL and EXTRA online activities your child can use during their OWN time. THESE are NOT mandatory, or required they are for those who are wanting more work or extra practice. There are reources for each subject area. I apologize in advacne if any of the links are not owrking as they were added years ago. Again they are extras only. 




    Social Studies:https://www.marionschools.net/Page/63391