• Mrs. Jones’ Classroom Expectations


    Behavior System

    Class Dojo will be used as a tracking and communication system. All students will have a goal of 8 points per day. All points fall under the Belleview Basics school wide expectations. Each expectation is valued at 1 point each. Negative behaviors are valued at 0 points. At the end of each quarter students will receive a conduct grade based on the average points earned for that quarter.


    Belleview Basics                                                       Conduct Grades

    Be Responsible                                                            E=100-90%

    Be Respectful                                                              S=89-70%

    Be Safe                                                                      N=69-50%

    Be an Active Learner                                                    U=49% and below


    Possible Behavioral Consequences

    Positive                                                                           Negative

    Self-Pride                                                                       Verbal Warning

    Bronco Bucks                                                                  Cool Down Zone/time out in another class

    Food Rewards                                                                   Parent Contact 

    Bronco Pride activity in classroom                                   Consequence form filled out by student

    Movies in class                                                                CMR/Letter sent home

    Extra computer time                                                        Referral (after the 3rd CMR)