To access your Khan Academy Classroom, follow these steps

    • Log into your Marion County Student Desktop 
    • From the menu at the bottom of the student desktop, locate the “Programs” tab and click on it.
    • After clicking on the “programs” tab, find the icon titled “Khan Academy". Then click on that “Khan Academy" icon.
    • Click on "Log In" ONLY if you already have a Khan Academy account. On the next screen, it usually works better if you choose "Continue with Google" (at top) to sign in.
    • Then, if you already have an account, once you're in it, just click on "Teachers" on the left side menu, then click on "enter a class code" to join. (codes are below)
    • If you don't have a Khan Academy account, then ......click "sign up" (near the top right)
    • On the next screen, where it asks if you are a "learner", "teacher", "parent"......look down a little and find the phrase "Enter a Class Code". Click on it.
    • Enter your "class code". (Codes are below)
    • You should see a screen which says you are joining one of my classes.
    • If you didn't have an account, you should create one using your same STUDENT EMAIL and PASSWORD that you logged into the student desktop with.
    • When you log into your Khan Academy account, you do not have to pick a subject when it asks. (it's optional) You can just skip through that part.
    • If you registered correctly, when you are in your account, look for the menu on the LEFT side. Click on TEACHERS. You should see my name under "Your Teachers"

     1st Period: W2CJTE2N 

     2nd Period: 7CGWNEVQ  

     3rd Period: VSFYV3K7 

     4th Period: NJCW2TJE

     5th Period: ASJPVE38  

     6th Period: PFQSUQ8J


      After you follow the steps above,  you will eventually receive a notification (It shows up by your name at the top right of the page.) You should then start receiving assignments soon if you followed the steps correctly. Also, an "assignments" tab will show up on the left side of the page, usually near the top of the left menu and have the name of your class above it. If you don't see the assignments right away, it might be because I have to update the rosters. Log out of Khan Academy and check back later on in the day.