• Overview Video for Parents and Students:

    A short Google Classroom overview video has been created to demonstrate how the student will access their Google Classroom as well as the basics on how the student will use it.  This video is currently linked on the district website.





    To access your google classroom:

    1)  Log into your Marion County Student Desktop

    2)  Click on Google Apps

    3)  Click on Google Classroom

    4)  In the upper right hand corner, select the + sign

    5)  Enter the class code linked to the class period you are enrolled in.


    Class Codes: (Codes will be shown later)


    1st Period: eq5pb7v 

    2nd Period: m3d467a

    3rd Period: hiop3gy

    4th Period: wghiywo

    5th Period: tf3ucbj

    6th Period: uvywh53


    CAT Period: