• Welcome to MCPSonline Music! I am so excited to share some online music lessons with you so that we can make music together... even though we are not together for right now!

    If you are an MCPSOnline students, you will have a "music class time" on your schedule from your homeroom teacher. 

    Classes that are doing MCPSOnline music are:  Kissam (1st), Seykoski (3rd), Johnston (4th), Hutto,D (5th). Mrs. Hutto will be in charge of online lessons for 3rd & 5th Grades. Mrs. Louis will be in charge of 1st & 4th Grades. 

    At that time, log onto Microsoft Teams and you will see a Team called "Music (your) Grade ONLINE (Mrs. Hutto) HVE." All of your information and assignments will be posted there!

    Please note: These class times WILL NOT BE LIVE. Due to scheduling, they will be prerecorded assignments for you to complete. 

    You can always send me an email if you are having difficulty with completing an assignment and I will do my best to help you! My email address is brooke.hutto@marion.k12.fl.us.