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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Evans

Thank you for visiting this page.  I am happy to be back in the world of education and blessed to be a part of the Marion County Public School System.  This is my first year in the district but not my first year to teach.  I have about 28 years of teaching behind me, all in the great state of Oklahoma!  I've taught in several different settings from a small school district in the southwestern part of Oklahoma in the midst of beautiful wheat fields and cattle country, to a small town setting in the same part of the state to being back in Oklahoma City where my family still lives and teaching in a huge school district. 

My childhood was spent traveling from Texas to Japan to California to Japan and finally to Oklahoma as my father served in the United States Air Force for 23 years.  As a child, I was bilingual but when we finally settled in Oklahoma my mother had us only speaking English to help her learn to speak it well.  My heritage is very multi-cultural and it has been a life long project to learn about the cultures of my ancestors. 

I always wanted to be a teacher, I just did not know it would be in music.  I started out as an elementary education major and made the switch to vocal music education in my 3rd year of college.  I love teaching music and love working with children. 

Music has taken me to many places around the U.S.A. and Southeast Asia.  In high school our select choir raised money to travel to Honolulu, Hawaii to take part in an International High School Choral Festival and we did very well in our scores.  In college, I was in the marching band at Southwestern Oklahoma State University where we had the experience of being the half time show for the Kansas City Chiefs, the San Diego Chargers and the New Orleans Saints.  I also spent a summer as a student missionary in a vocal music group as we served in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. 

In my career as a music teacher, I served three years as one of three co-directors of the Putnam City Honor Chorus and we took 100 choristers to attend choral music festivals in San Antonio, Texas; Branson, Missouri and Houston, Texas (where the students also visited NASA to learn more about the fabulous space program).

Music has a way of connecting us with one another and I am glad to have a chance to connect with your children.  My teaching background is an approach using the Kodaly Method.  It is a music literacy program where we begin with the very basics of music and build upon it with each skill that is mastered by a class.  It is my hope that as we work through this unusual year that your children and I will build a foundation of music that will carry them through the rest of their lives.

I will be teaching in two different schools: Hammett-Bowen, Jr. Elementary School on Wednesdays through Friday, and Sunrise Elementary School on Mondays and Tuesdays.  I enjoy working with Ms. Allen as we have shared so many ideas between us and the staff has been fantastic!

While actual singing is not allowed at this time, your children and I will be exploring the other facets of music like Form, Rhythm, Melodic Contour, Tone Color, and Dynamics and we will connect them to our world around us as well as to reading, math, social studies and science.  

The photo you see is from several years ago when my husband and I were in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our favorite thing to do in Las Vegas is to be out in the desert exploring the terrain.


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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Music Education Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Music Education Teaching Certificate PreK-12

 Kodaly Approach to Music Pedagogy Certificate University of Oklahoma