English III Honors Agenda and Work

Weekly Agenda

  • Agenda: Week 16

    Dec 14th/ Dec 15th 


    • Bell Work: What goals do you want to make for the future?
    • Students will finish their Grievance Activity 
    • Students will begin their DOI Cornell notes: Students will read the 4 sections of the Declaration of the Independence. The activity paper explains what lines each section is in. For each box and section, students will select 4 QUOTES that they find important or meaningful to write in the left column. An example is done using 2 of 3 quotes in the Preamble. For each quote, students will describe in the right hand column what they understand or interpret from the quote. Once all 4 sections are done, students will write a summary to explain how well they understand what the DOI talks about. 

    Dec 16th/ Dec 17th

    Wednesday/ Thursday

    • Bell Work: The period in which the Dec. of Indep. Was written is often referred to as the Age of Reason because of the emphasis on logic and discipline at the time. What elements of Jefferson’s Dec of Indep. reflect a faith in reason?
    • Students will finish their DOI Cornell Notes
    • Students will work on their DOI Vocab Worksheets: DOI Vocab Worksheets
    • Students will complete the SMART GOALS worksheet and survey: SMART GOALS WKSHT

    Dec 18th 


    • Bell Work: How is the concept of the “social contract” evident in the Declaration of Independence?
    • Students will finish any work they haven't turned in.