Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Randall L. Carswell


Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1960, I moved ten (10) times during my primary and secondary school education, graduating from Belaire High School, in Baton Rouge, in 1978. In addition to living in New Orleans, I spent time in Spartanburg, SC, Metairie, LA, Martin, TN, Chattanooga, TN with a final move to Baton Rouge, LA.

I was not a dedicated student, much to my chagrin, and ended up starting Louisiana State University in into trouble, went back to LSU in 1980 (paying for every single penny) graduating in exactly four years with exactly the minimum number of credit hours necessary for a Bachelor of Science in General Studies with minor concentrations in each of the following: Insurance and Risk, Art, Speech and English.

For the initial fifteen years of my life, post university, I worked in the insurance industry...starting as a Customer Service Representative with Alexander and Alexander (large insurance brokerage firm), Field Representative (OSHA Trained) for PLM in Philadelphia and finally, the North Carolina Marketing Manager for Montgomery Mutual, a division of Liberty Mutual. Success did not spell happiness and I knew I had another "calling".

In 1997 I departed corporate America and began my work toward earning an English Degree (University of North Carolina 2000) and certification as an educator. The requirements were quite stiff, certification to teach required as many class hours of credit as my second degree, a Bachelor of Art in English.

Teaching for twenty years, in North Carolina, I retired and moved down from Charlotte in August 2019 in order to be near my stepmother who was quite independent, at 86, and stayed so until her untimely death March 1, 2020. Teaching at Lake Weir High School is honestly the highlight of my entire teaching career! I commute two hours a day to be part of a dynamic school where students are honestly more important than their scores/performance. Mrs. Wade and our team believe "who we teach id far more important than what we teach" so we are dedicated to being the strongest educators in the state of Florida!

I am a Daddy first, then and Educator!

Because I am a father first, I try to give my students the absolute BEST education possible, just as I would want for my daughter. Cameron is 28, married in December of 2018, to an absolutely WONDERFUL young man from Montana. They met, just after graduation, when they both worked in Washington D.C. . They have been practicing social distancing since early 2020 as that they live in the Seattle, Washington area. It is so difficult not to be able to visit one's child for so very long!

Cameron at work!

This school year I will be getting a late start as I recovery from some lung has not been easy and, after being isolated since the end of June, I am READY to be back at school. Ms. Difrederico is here until my return, which I am praying will be near the third week in September. Until I return I am creating assignments and grading papers. This is my first year with a total virtual class...much different from this past spring as that attendance is required for students. PLEASE BE SUCCESSFUL THIS YEAR! Last year I had a few upperclassmen that had to repeat English I...they ALL said they wish they've believed their instructor and worked more diligently so they would not be graduating seniors or juniors in a freshman class! BE SUCCESSFUL THE FIRST TIME! There is no "social promotion" like you had in middle school- you must successfully complete the course for credit and I WILL help you be successful if that is your choice!