• Welcome students!  For those who have not met me, I am the Cambridge Coordinator, Mr. Cuebas. This semester, we will be working on character development in this course.  Each week, you will have an assignment that is due by the last day of the week before 3:45pm.  Use the rest of the class period time to get caught up in other courses and work on additional assignments that you need to complete to stay on track.  Unlike other courses, we will not meet.  Your grade will be dependent on completion of the weekly assignments.  Please view the attachment for additional information.  If you need assistance, please reach out through Microsoft Teams or email. I will also keep my website up to date if you prefer to access the content that way. 


    Career Research for On-Line Learners



    Career Research is being utilized in place of on-line PE.  This semester you will have a variety of lessons that are focused on Character Education.  These lessons will have you reflecting on things such as being a teenager, making good choices and setting goals.  As we move into the second semester, the focus will be on future aspirations of a career.  During that time, you will research a couple of different potential career paths.  Should you decide that you will be attending school, on campus, you will be placed in PE.



    • Every week you are to read the appropriate passage and answer the corresponding questions.
    • Submit your written answers to your teacher through their Microsoft Teams class.
    • If anyone needs help accessing Microsoft Teams email me: Benjamin.Cuebas@marion.k12.fl.us 
    • Submit each week’s lesson by 3:45 on that Friday.
    • You may submit your work early.