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Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.

  • Mrs. Stout"s First Grade  Online ClassClass

    Saddlewood Elementary

    Week of September 28, 2020   #6

    What are we learning this week:



    Unit Two:   The Human Body:    Body systems.


    Finish Work book skills one.

      Reader #1 "Snap Shots"   Chapters:  11, 12, 14 :  " The Man in the Kilt"  "The Map"   "Lunch At The Kings Pub"

    Story Details:  ask and answer questions  about key details in a text.


    Sight words and "Tricky" words :  Practice reading

    from     word    have    were    once    said    says    

    there    here     the      two      do       one      are

    a           I          no        so         of        is         to       

    all        so         he        and       if        want    like     

    says    three    that      the       little    four     was

    What     who     which    why   when  where  because

    Spelling words:

    No spelling words this week.


    We will practice writing complete sentences


     Continue with "Matter"


     Unit 2   "Harmony"   lessons (Feelings)      and S. Studies Weekly #5  this week .


    Finish and test  Chapter two,  "Number sense"  Subtraction.


    HOMEWORK for 9-_28_-2020


    Monday  Read for 20 min.   Read from First grade reader    # 1  "Snap Shots"  (Amplify)

    Math   Go to IXL   Click on First grade Math.  Work on Skills  "H"  # 5 and # 7


    Tuesday   Read for 20 min.  Read from First Grade Reader #1   "Snap Shots"  (Amplify)

    Skills #1  workbook  complete pages:  PP.14  (213) and (214)


    Wednesday   Read for 20 min.  Read from    First grade Reader #1  "Snap Shots"  (Amplify)

    Practice reading the question words:

    What     who     which    why   when  where   

    Skills #1  Worbook complete pages : PP.15 ( 215)   PP.16 (217) and (218)


    Thursday   Read for 20 min.  Read from  First grade Reader # 1  "Snap Shots"   (Amplify)

    Math pages: Lesson 2.6  pages p33 and p34  Will be on the test this week.     (black and white copy)



    Friday   No Homework