• Suggested Schedule for Sending in Supplies

    If it helps, here is a schedule of what to send in with your child on what days so it is not so much at one time. This is just a guide. You are the best judge of what your child can carry comfortably. I have enough suppiles for the first week or two, so don't worry about sending all the big stuff the first week.

    1st day (stagger start)- folders, pencil box, pencil pouch, crayons, pencils, markers, glue, glue sticks, bag of extra uniform clothes*, headphones

    2nd day (Thursday)- hand sanitizer, primary journals

    3rd day (Friday)- wipes, zipper bags, paper

    4th day (Monday)- tissues, t-shirts (one size bigger than they are now)

    * If the extra clothes do not fit in the backpack or makes it too heavy, send them on Thursday.