• Welcome to English II!

    I am so excited to see you all on Monday and to start our year together. I know this year will be a challenge, but we will get through everything together! 

    Make sure you check out the supply list and the syllabus below!

    This class meets from:

    3rd and 4th Period (4th Online)
    10:32 - 12:55
    WE have A lunch from 11 - 11:25

    5th and 6th Period (BOTH ONLINE)
    1:02 - 2:50

    3rd Period will meet in the traditional classroom setting. Periods 4, 5, and 6 will meet virtually through Microsoft Teams. All classes, including 3rd period will use Microsoft teams and follow generally the same assignment schedule. 


                Binder with paper AND dividers (this will be used every day, it is NECESSARY)
                Pens or Pencils
                Composition Notebook/Notebook for Journal
                Extra Paper (college ruled)
                Highlighters (at least 4)
                Sticky Notes
                Reusable Water Bottle
                Coloring Utensils
                Hand sanitizer 

    English II Syllabus

    Additional Instructions for Online Students Periods 4, 5, and 6