• Be RESPECTFUL - that goes for all of us.
    • Be RESPONSIBLE - have all your materials, every day.
    • Raise your hand to be recognized.
    • Distancing will not be possible in my classroom, so masks or sheilds MUST be worn at all times.
    • Electronics must be off and in your backpack unless asked to have them out.
    • Students are asked to use the restroom before/after class. Emergencies and medical issues are exceptions.
    • You are encouraged to bring a water bottle to class instead of asking to get a drink.
    • No gum or eating in class.


    COVID 19 Considerations:
    Face coverings are REQUIRED in my classes, as we will not be able to 'distance' appropriately.
    Please wear your masks correctly, with both nose and mouth covered.
    The CDC's recommendation for face sheilds is that a mask be worn under them.  That is what I would prefer, but MCPS allows either a mask or a shield.

    According to MCPS policy, supplies should not be shared.  Be sure you have a pencil, your Science notebook and your text pages every day.

    We will make every effort to sanitize 'touch spots' (that is, the desk where you are sitting) each period.   We recommend you bring your own wipes.  However, I do have disinfectant and paper towels available.

    Exceptions for phones or other devices:  I will be showing you the basics of Microsoft Teams during the first weeks of school.  Most of our assignments will be posted in digital form in MS Teams.  If you prefer to work virtually instead of on paper, whenever possible, you may do so.   Phones or devices should be flat on the table, not in your lap.   Remember - if we bend a policy, it is to help you with your schoolwork, not for social reasons.