• Theatre 2 Syllabus – Howard Middle School

    Mr. Thompson ---Building 5, Room 2


    671-7225 Ext 55869


    The Theatre 2 class is specifically designed to build upon what you already know about theatre arts and how they can support, reinforce, and enrich your life. Confident public speaking, creativity, and ensemble work are skills that will help you become aware of yourself and how you are perceived by others.


    In this class, we will focus on:

    • enhancing self-awareness and self-confidence
    • inspiring creative expression
    • improving focus and maintaining concentration
    • enriching communication skills and social interaction
    • developing physical and vocal expression
    • using drama to promote and cultivate reading, writing, and speaking
    • deepening understanding of human behavior within the context of drama
    • promoting cultural understanding
    • acquiring historical perspective by exploring different periods and styles of theatre


    Class Expectations

    I expect you to follow all the rules set forth by the Marion County Code of Student Conduct and the Howard Middle School Student Handbook. I expect you to fully understand and practice Howard Middle’s “3 Rs.” Additionally, here are the rules of this classroom:

    • Be on time for class. Participation is an essential part of the class.
    • Be prepared, have all required materials ready.
    • Listen carefully and follow instructions.
    • Respect yourself, each other, respect the work, respect the process, and respect the teacher/director. This includes being respectful of times when students are acting or presenting a project. Students are expected to listen and be a good audience. We do not talk out of turn, when others are talking, and especially when the teacher is talking.
    • Keep the classroom clean – No food, drinks (except water) or gum. (This is not to be mean; Mr. Thompson just does not like critters). Throw trash in the trash can. Do not leave personal items. Put away all props, costumes, and resources used for class performances.
    • Electronics (i.e. smartphones) should be turned off and put away.
    • Complete all assigned projects and homework.
    • Raise your hand if you need supplies, water, the restroom, have a question, or if anything else should arise. There is no reason for anyone to wander aimlessly through the classroom at any time.


    Class Expectations in the Times of Covid*

    Because we are starting off the school year under uncertain circumstances, a number of changes had to be structured, in order to ensure the safety of faculty and students alike.  While we are still meeting in the classroom, it will be very important that we practice the following precautions:

    • Masks must be worn at all times in class. This is non-negotiable.  The only exceptions are to sip water or in the restroom.
    • We will do our best to practice “social distancing,” which is about 6’ apart from each other (I understand this is a theatre class, and theatre classes often work in pairs or small groups, so we will improvise.)
    • Please be mindful of the directional arrows around campus and follow them. If it feels like at any time you are a fish heading upstream, you are probably going the wrong way.
    • And, of course, wash your hands.


    For Distance and Hybrid Learning, Microsoft Teams will be the platform students will use in all Theatre classes to: check assignments, upload assignments, take quizzes/tests and locate all the resources for this course such as handouts, screen recordings for assignments and tutorials. We will also have our virtual meetings through TEAMS.



    Grades:           50% Classwork/Quizzes                                  50% Tests and projects

    Grading Scale: A= 90-100%             B=80-89%      C=70-79%      D=60-69%     F=<59%

    No late work accepted. Make-up work will be accepted for 3 days upon student’s return after absence.


    Supplies needed: a pen/pencil, paper and any current handouts


    ***Required Assignment: Students must review a live theatrical performance* per semester for a test grade. The evaluation form/guide is available on my website. The final product should be typed in a 5-paragragh format. 


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