• Daily Folder: Your child has a daily folder and will need to bring it to school each day.  I am sending home pages from the reading program for the first unit.  These pages will be a great way for you to see what we are doing in the class room and will benefit your child's learning. Although I encourage your child to complete them, they are optional and not needed to be returned. 

    Please put any money for school in the plastic pouch in the folder in an envelope with name, amount and purpose.  There is a colored card in the zipper pouch.  Green: great day- no problems. Yellow: OK day, I can do better.  Red: Needs to remember "The Big Three" - our school wide rules.  Do your best, Do what's right, Treat others the way you want to be treated.  I will include a note if parent contact is necessary.

    In the folder there are reading logs for the first two months and a page of ideas for variety.  You can write the titles on the back if you like. 

    100 Book Challenge: When you read to your child, this helps build and improve so many skills.  Before long, your child will be reading to you! I will keep these completed pages and the kids will earn prizes.

    Breakfast and lunch: free to all children.

    Transportation:  If your child is going home a different way than they usually do (i.e. if they are a bus rider normally, and will be a car rider one day) PLEASE WRITE ME A NOTE WITH DATE STATING THE CHANGE   I MUST HAVE A NOTE WITH PARENT SIGNATURE TO ALLOW FOR A TRANSPORTATION CHANGE. 

    Birthdays: Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we cannot allow cupcakes or food for birthdays at school to celebrate. We will sing "Happy Birthday"  and recognize your child's special day!

    Waterbottle and face covering:  Please rinse out and refill the reusable water bottle each night so your child will have fresh water in the classroom since we are not allowed to drink out of the water fountains.  I have a face shield for each child that will be cleaned at the end of each day and kept in the room.  I also have an extra mask for each student.  Please send your child to school each day with a face covering so he/she will have one for arrival and dismissal.  Right now, tables are 6 feet apart until we get used to wearing a face covering during the day. We also will have "mask breaks" as I know this is going to be a difficult process for all of us.