• In the event of another shutdown and virtual school for all students, I have included information about Microsoft Teams here.  All students automatically have an account under their student portal when you go to Microsoft Office.  I have included a short video of how to find that information as well as written instructions on how to use Microsoft Teams.  


    Also, if you choose to change platforms and have provided a written request to the school, this should also give you an idea of what they will be using.


    Quick Guide for Microsoft Teams

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    Finding Student Portal and Using Microsoft Teams - Elizabeth Jones

    Finding Student Portal and Using Microsoft Teams

    I made a short video to introduce our student Desktop Portal as well as how to access Microsoft Teams.  Some of the functions may be different on the student end so if you have any questions let me know.  This is for anyone who may be considering virtual or in the event we have to go virtual again, you have some basic information on the platforms.

    Author: Elizabeth Jones   
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