• 7th Grade Life Science 2020 – 2021 Course Syllabus 

    Horizon Academy at Marion Oaks 

    365 Marion Oaks Drive, Ocala, FL 34473 


    Instructor: Mrs. M. Smith 

    Phone: (352)671-6290 Ext. 57257  


    Communication Hours: Mon-Thurs 7:30 – 7:50; 2:30 – 3:30 

    Location: Building 2, Room 215 

    Welcome Back! We are here to support you!!! 

    Course Description: 

    Welcome to 7th grade Life Science! This year we are learning about our bodies and our environment. The tentative order of the development of the curriculum is as follows: Unit 1 - Nature of Science (2 weeks); Unit 2 - Cells (6 weeks); Unit 3 - Human Body (7 weeks)Unit 4 - Heredity and Reproduction (6 weeks)Unit 5 - Evolution of Organisms (3 weeks)Unit 6 - Classification of Organisms (2 weeks)and Unit 7 - Ecology (5 weeks).   

     Students will have a variety of modalities throughout the year related to the Standards to be learned including but not limited to note-taking, worksheets, investigations, research, homework, projects, quizzes, and tests. 

    In addition to honing their science skills, students also will work to strengthen their thinking and analyzing skills to help them prepare for their future. We will have engaging and high-level thinking questions and activities on a regular basis. 

    Students are expected to bring their materials and their critical thinking skills to class every day. I look forward to working with both parents and students alike. Together, we will make this school year a successful one! 

    Important: tablets, smart phones, and/or laptops will be allowed to be used in our class some times at teacher’s discretion. Strict rules will apply. 

    Student Supply List: 

    • Hand sanitizer 
    • Pouch for pencils and hand sanitizer 
    • 1 composition notebook  
    • Loose-leaf notebook paper 
    • Blue, purple, or black ink pen 
    • A red pen 
    • Pencils and erasers 
    • A highlighter  
    • Official school agenda planner  

    Suggested materials 

    • A one-inch binder 
    • Two-pocket folders – different colors if possible 
    • Two packs of 3x5 ruled index cards 
    •  Color pencils, markers, or crayons 

    Classroom Wish list: (Please donate any of the following items, if possible, in any amount) 

    • Boxes tissue 
    • Hand sanitizer fragrance-free (allergies in the classroom) 
    • Loose-leaf paper 
    • Candy 

    Expectations for Classroom Behavior: 

    • Do What’s Right 
    • Do your Best 
    • Be Respectful and kind 

    Additional “Reminders”: 

    • NO gum, food*, or drinks unless given to you by me. Only water in a clear container is allowed in the classroom. I reserve the right to inspect or smell any container brought into my classroom. 
    • No lotion, perfume, cologne, or any other item with fragrance. (We have people with allergies) 
    • The bell does not dismiss you; your teacher does. All students must be in their seats and quiet before I will dismiss the class. 

    Planner: you should write the weekly agenda in your planner at the beginning of each week. 

    Common Board: write the information of the common board in your notebook. Check it every day for changes. 

    Make up work due to Absences: 

    It is the student responsibility to get back on track after an absence. Time will be given to make up work. Work will be available in assigned area or online. 

    Proper Heading: 

    Every assignment that is turned in to me must have the following information in the upper right-hand corner if the paper does not come with a heading: 

    Student Name (First Name and Last Name) 

    Date (mm/dd/yy) 

    Instructor (Mrs. Smith) 

    Period/Subject (P.2/Life Science) 

    Papers without the proper heading will be discarded. 

    Restroom Use: 

    Using their own pencil/pen, students must sign out on the bathroom log prior to leaving the classroom; they should also sign in on their way back and report of the state of the bathroom. 

    Hall Passes: 

    Students most carry their hall pass (Agenda planner) with them at all times when outside the classroom. 

    Grading Information: 

    Attention, students: You are the individual responsible for the grade you receive. I do not “give” grades – you earn them. Nine-week grades will be averaged on the following basis:  

    Classwork /Quiz 40% 

     Homework 10% 

    Tests and Projects 50% 

    Grading Scale:100-90% = A   89-80% = B   79-70% = C   69-60% = D   59% or below = F 

    Closing Thought: Look around, it is Science! 

    Mrs. M. Smith