• My name is Emily Merriam. I was born and raised in Ocala. I attended 8th Street Elementary (1-2), Dr. NH Jones Elementary (3-5), Osceola Middle (6-8), Vanguard High (9,10, half of 11), and Forest High (2nd half of 11 and 12). During my time in MCPS, I really enjoyed video production which inspired me to get to where I am today. This will be my second year teaching digital video at VHS and I hope to create an environment that allows my students to enjoy themselves as much as I did.

    FHS Graduation

    After high school, I attended and graduated from the University of Florida where I majored in education. GO GATORS!

    UF Graduation


    When not at school, I am spending time with my boyfriend and our fur children. We have 3 cats and a dog.


    This is Annie. She is the most loving of all the cats.


    Little Miss

    This is Artemis (Little Miss). She is the biological daughter of Annie and the sassiest of the cat crew.



    This is Cinderella (Ella). She is the biological daughter of Little Miss. Ella enjoys spending her days staring at people from across the room with a judging look on her face.


    Dixie Dixie (water)

    Dixie is about 9 months old. I adopted her from the Marion County Humane Society. She is most likely a boxer/pit mix. She loves to snuggle, go on adventures, and play in the water.


    E & N  This is my boyfriend and I in Savannah, GA (one of our favorite places to visit).


    I look forward to getting to know each and every one of my students this school year!! (: