• The Items that Block 3 Students will need for participating in Online Class:


    A spiral notebook, one-subject is fine

    A planner/agenda

    Highlighters, 2 different colors


    Red pen

    small scissors

    ruler with both inches and centimeters

    a glue stick

    earbuds or headphones (for Iready)

    a specific calculator:  TI-30Xa  Texas Instruments

    and he/she must have internet access with a camera on their electronic device to be seen during our video meetings; be on Microsoft Teams every "A" day on our OMS calendar schedule, promptly at 10:25 a.m.; students should have lunch at about 10:00.


    Optional: small white board for practice, with a dry-erase marker

    (We will not use all of these every day; it depends on the lesson and selected skills.)