• MCPS (CATS) Online      

    Microsoft Teams

    Welcome! Students that have chosen to attend classes virtually through MCPS Onilne will access our learning management system, Microsoft Teams, from the MCPS Student Desktop. Students will be able to video conference and chat directy with me via Microsoft Teams. We will also utilize the platform for our Digital (OneNote) Notebooks. Please view the video below for directions on how to access Microsoft Teams.

    How to Access Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide

    Google Classroom

    Students will find classwork posted on Google Classroom for English 2. Please join the appropriate class by logging onto your MCPS Desktop using your student name and password. Once there, locate Google Apps in the bottom menu. Then select the Google Classroom tile from the menu. Sign in with your Marion County student email and password. Select the plus sign in the upper right hand corner and choose join class. Enter the appropriate class code below. Students will be able to access Google Classroom through Microsoft Teams. See below for a video and quick start guide explaining how to navigate Google Classroom. 

    Google Classroom Codes       1st Period: raydo7i


    Google Classroom Overview Video

    Google Classroom Quick Start Guide

    Bell Schedule 

    CATS Online students will follow the same bell schedule as students on campus. In addition to the A Day, B Day Schedule, a 6 Period Day has been added on Friday. See the Bell Schedule below:

     A Day/ B Day                            6 Period Day (Friday)

    First Bell               8:30                       First Bell                                8:30

    1st/2nd                   8:35-10:15               1st                                         8:35-9:25

    CAT Period          10:20-11:00              3rd                                         9:30-10:20

    3rd/4th & Lunch  11:05-1:15              5th                                        10:25-11:15

    B Lunch (Scott)   11:35-12:05             2nd/CAT/B Lunch (Scott)  11:45-1:10

    5th/6th                  1:20- 3:03                4th                                          1:15-2:05

                                                                    6th                                          2:10-3:03


    Students online must adhere to the school's attendance policy. Attendance will be taken promptly at the beginning of each class period. Be sure to log onto Microsoft Teams prior to the start of class. 1st Period (A Day) 2nd Period (B Day) will meet at 8:35-10:15. On Fridays (All Periods 1-6) 1st Period meets from 8:35-9:25 and 2nd Period meets 11:20-1:10 (This includes 2nd, Lunch and CAT Period). Students are expected to remain in the virtual class setting for the duration of the class. 

    Class Expectations

    Students are expected to abide by the Marion County Code of Conduct  while participating in the virtual classroom. Adhere to the Wildcat Way- Character + Attitude+ Teamwork=Success.  


    Students will be able to locate their online or eTextbook through their MCPS Desktop. Once you've logged onto your student desktop, select eTextbooks from the bottom menu. Locate and select the Course Schedule tile. Then select the English 2 Collections eTextbook for 10th grade. Be sure to select the appropriate grade level from the drop-down menu. See below if you need additional assistance locating your eTextbook. 

    How to Locate Your eTextbook